a page of bugs

for an assignment in my comic book class! we were supposed to do a short comic that told a story without using any words, so this was mine. i had a lot of fun with this assignment so i think i’m going to do a couple more comics similar to this one!

this is for an exercise in my comics class, we had to do fast copies of davinci drawings then flesh them out later, and then separately do writing based on a word and music that was playing, then put them together. so this was mine


a short comic featuring the two main characters of a long-term webcomic im going to be launching soon, called AMBROSIA. ezra is an angel (which is why hes covered in eyes) and taj is his human friend (which is why he isnt)!

(you can read more about the comic here)


probably the most important night vale fanart ill ever draw
3 september 2013

2 september 2013

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